Tuesday, May 03, 2016

It's May

It's May.


A little over three weeks of school remaining (can I get a halleluyer-amen on this one?) and I am so glad because I am over it.  Enough school, enough homework (for a kindergartner...granted, it isn't very much, just enough to incite massive amounts of whining and take twice as long as it actually should), and enough lunch making.

We are supposedly T-minus 15 days until we close on our house (and um, guess who has lost the will to pack).

Oh, I haven't told you about that?

Well....the first financer told us no, so we thought we were going to have to withdraw our offer.  But, our agent suggested we try a local loan officer, so we did, and were approved two days later at the same interest rate.  Freaking magic.

What's not magic is the fact that we're moving two counties to the north and apparently everyone around here thinks that's the middle of no where, so finding anyone who is willing to do a reasonably priced appraisal with an even more reasonable turn around time is like pulling teeth.

 I keep trying to remember that at least we are moving forward.  We were up that way on Sunday so we stopped by and all I could think was, "Man, we gotta get into this house as soon as possible because the weeds are over taking the flower beds!"

Because what else would I be worried about?

We've gone to look at appliances.  Who knew I could get so excited over a washer/dryer?  And we all know how long I've lusted after a deep freezer that I can fill full of meat.

We'll also have to have a lawn mower and guess what?  We might buy a John Deere.  Paul Neff will roll in his grave.  ROLL.

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