Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9 Months

*About two hours after I posted Tater's 8-month update, he learned how to crawl properly.  He's everywhere now.  He's even tried the stairs once.  That's where the yellow bruise on his forehead came from.

*I'm pretty sure there's never been a baby in the history of the world who can screech like Tate can.  He doesn't believe in any in-between noises either.  He is either completely content, or screaming like a banshee.

*He has FINALLY started taking to solids.  About three weeks ago, he started willingly eating fruits.  Last week he ate some green beans.  And something or other with chicken in it.  He really prefers to eat anything I have, but continues to gag on anything that's not completely pureed.

*He sleeps through the night about once a week.  Or maybe closer to every five days.  At least I think he does.  I moved his crib to the far corner of his bedroom and shut the door.  So, unless he's completely and totally freaking out, I can't hear him very well.

*He can stand on his own for very short periods of time.  I think if I put shoes on him, he'd be able to balance, but he has Nick Peters feet - too wide for baby shoes unless they are four sizes too long.

*He continues to really, really like his ninny and eats about six times a day even with the solids.  I was only planning to breastfeed until a year, but we'll have to reevaluate when we get there...since he still won't take a bottle and never mind a cup of any kind.

*He is in love with all things electronic.  He spends most of his day screaming when whatever it is he's after has been confiscated. 

Growth Charts

Today was Carolyn's 4 year check up and Tate's 9 month check up.

It was the first time since Carolyn was two months old that the doctor made absolutely NO reference to her weight.  Like, we didn't even discuss it.  It was a relief.

Carolyn even spelled her name correctly and when asked if she could count to ten, replied, "Did you want that in English, Spanish, or Japanese?"

She was also a champion shot taker, flinching just a little bit while repeating, "Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts!"

Here are the stats:

Height:  42.5 inches
Weight: 51 pounds

Height:  29.5 inches
Weight:  22.5 pounds

Monday, August 25, 2014

I Miss It

You know what I miss?


Like sitting down and having enough time and enough quiet to compose an entire coherent blog post.  Or, maybe just like one sentence.

Tate is in that phase where he wants to be doing whatever you're doing.  And when you're on the computer, that means he wants to pull up and slam on the keys or yank the screen back or steal your mouse and hide it heaven-knows-where.  He has also rearranged my entire phone and made it talk.

And Carolyn is literally never quiet.  She says a lot of really funny things, but by about 3 pm all I can think is, "Can I please have 15 minutes where you're not talking to me, to your dolls, for your dolls, and squealing at your brother?"

Add to that the near constant need for me to tell her stop-picking-up-your-brother-and-hauling-him-around-the-house-and-turn-down-your-tablet-it-does-not-need-to-be-that-loud-for-the-love!  It's maddening.

Thus I have learned that I do not do good with chaos.  Or even semi-chaos.  Because two kids can't really be considered chaos, can it?

I love my babies, I really do, but there are times when I absolutely know why my mother used to lock herself in the bathroom.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Jamberry Latest


I know it's pathetic to love something as much as I love Jamberry!

But, I do love it.  I love to have pretty fingernails that last.

I've also been a consultant for a little over a month (I know I've said it before, but I NEVER saw myself as someone who would do direct sales.  Like NEVER).

In that month, I made enough money to pay back my consultant kit PLUS enough to pay both our electric and water bills.  Sure, it's not a lot of money, but to me right now, that is HUGE.  I've been looking for a way to contribute financially since Tate was born without having to pay childcare and so far, this is a good fit for me.  And that right there is exciting.

Anyway, enough of that.

Just look at my pretty nails (because my nails should be something you're excited about...)!

This one is after 8 days of wear:

As you can tell, I kind of have a thing for stripes...

Oh, and if you want to order, go here.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Because I Want This Documented

I read this blog by my friend Holli the other day and it rang home...

I am not perfect.

Not that I ever have been.

And not that I want to be.

But I let the fact that I am not exactly where I want to be weight-wise keep me from being in pictures.

Any pictures.

But especially ones with my kids.

And beside, I'm usually the one who takes all the pictures, so being in them is hard.

This morning, I asked Husband to take a picture of me with Tater.

My hair wasn't done, I had on my ratty t-shirt...and I almost didn't do it.

And had I not, I would have missed this:


Four Years Old

I've been trying to talk Carolyn into letting me take birthday pictures for three weeks. 


Mostly because I flat out lied to her and said that we were going to take family pictures, but we should take her singles first because she's the prettiest out of all of us.

She totally fell for it.

It's also the first time since she mullified herself that she's let me put ANYTHING in her hair.

Unfortunately, I still couldn't talk her into looking at the camera or doing anything other than her fake smile, but I think I got a few on the fly when she thought I wasn't paying attention.

I am so unbelievably tricksy.

And, if there was any doubt she is my kid, check out that tongue in the first twirling picture...everyone knows you have to stick your tongue out if you're attempting something difficult.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Photo Shoot That Wasn't

I've been wanting to take some photos of both of my kids when they're dressed in their Sunday best and it just never happens.  And even if it does, one of them is in a bad mood or won't smile or it's raining.

I'm still working on a 4-year-old photo shoot for Carolyn.  The 8 month one of Tate was kind of a disaster.  But I did get a few that turned out.  And I look at them and can't believe he is getting so big so fast.  You would think after the first kid got so big so fast, the second one wouldn't surprise you.

But they do.  Shock you, even.  It's like they're just born and you turn around and they're crawling all over the place and they think they should climb the stairs when naturally, they shouldn't.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Months


*  He is working on his eighth tooth.  STILL.  I'm over it.

*  He is pulling up on everything.  EVERYTHING.  I'm going to have to start wearing protective gear on my sensitive bits.  Pulling up means falling a lot.  And crying a lot.  A LOT.  Because he can't be where he wants to be right when he wants to be there and then when he does get there, his sister takes away whatever he was after in the first place.

*  He still can't crawl to save his life.  Not that he wants to.  Who wants to crawl when you can stand?

*  He is still up in the night.  I've been trying to let him cry-it-out.  It's caused more problems than it's fixed.  Because his crying wakes up his sister, who in turn comes into our room screaming.  Then Husband lets her in the bed.  Then I can't sleep.  Then I make her go get her blanket and sleep on the floor.  And then she wakes up with Husband in the morning and then won't take a nap in the afternoon and is generally disagreeable.

*  He loves his sister and thinks she's hilarious.

* He is still refusing solid foods.  And I'm still trying to trick him into eating them.  It's torture for both of us.

*He's still nursing about six times daily and shows no sign of slowing.  I'm going to be nursing him until he's ten.

4 Years Old


Carolyn turned 4 yesterday.  And of means that she doesn't want to get her picture taken at all and when she does, she gives that fake 4-year-old smile. 

She's super fired up about being four since that means she can now go to school.  She's been asking to go to school for two years.  She's also excited to be the same age as all of the rest of her friends.  There's only one other girl in her class at church who's younger than her and she could barely stand to be three while all the rest of them got to hold up four fingers.

She was assigned to give the prayer in sharing time at Primary last Sunday.  I've never seen anyone more excited to pray in my life.  The primary presidency wanted to know if she needed help and my response was, "We'll see, but I doubt it."

She continues to be fearless and confident in pretty much everything she does.  This, for the most part, makes her think she's in charge pretty much all the time and she loathes having to follow instructions. 

She's learning more and more words and makes me laugh pretty much every day. 

She still refuses to wear clothing beyond her undies if we are at home and has become a little more vocal about what she will wear when we leave the house.  But, anything that "makes her look like Elsa" is generally tolerated.

She has just recently learned right from left and due to that, is finally putting her shoes on the right feet 70% of the time.

She is tolerating her brother and naturally, thinks she should be in charge of him and everything he does or touches.  About 900 times everyday, I hear, "TATE!  No, no!"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cow Appreciation Day

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.

This is where you dress like a cow and show up and they give each person a FREE MEAL.  Or, if you're us, you show up twice a day and get TWO FREE MEALS (because that's like $40 in free food and that's a lot of money).

Carolyn gets almost as excited about it as she does about Christmas.

She was up at 1am, 3am, and 6am because she was just sure she was going to miss it.

She kept saying, "It's a very special day!  We can't be late!"

I meant to be all ready and stuff with super cute costumes.

And then I forgot all about it until the night before and was scrambling around trying to find a white shirt I could slap some black paint on and some felt and elastic to make new ears (because the ears from last year have been floating around all the way until today when naturally, we couldn't find them).

Anyway, we spent hours at Chick-Fil-A (and I do mean HOURS) and in the end, Carolyn came in third in her division in the costume contest (Tate fell asleep right before the judging) and won 10 free meals at it.  Needless to say, she was not impressed.

Here's the picture overload:

Heaven help me, but I need a haircut^^^

And Tater ended up having to take two naps in his carrier and he was not happy about it.

By the end of the day, all of us were so tired, Carolyn had to take a rest in the boiling hot parking lot before modeling in the costume contest.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

I Never Thought I'd Sell Something...

I never thought I'd be one of those people who sells stuff. 

Because let's be honest, people who sell stuff are pretty annoying.

Most of the time. 

But, I tried the Jamberry nails and loved them.

They really do last the two weeks they promise if you apply them correctly (and if I can do it, anyone can)!

And then, since I loved them so much, I wanted to get a discount on them.

So, now I'm an official consultant.

That's a fancy word for "awesome".

But, look at how cool your nails can look!

I don't know why my hand looks yellow in the picture above...maybe I was messing with lemons.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in trying some or in hosting a party (I got NINE free and half price sheets of nail wraps during my online party...that's like $350 worth of stuff for FREE), let me know.  Because I'm fired up.  And beside that, my nails look fabulous.  They have 350 nail designs to choose from...and that's like 300 more than you'll ever look at.

Here's the link!

A Million of the Same Thing

Carolyn will no longer sit still for pictures.

Tate has just now learned to army crawl (like four days ago), so now he won't hold still either.

Here's the last bunch of pictures...where Tate just had to sit there, so they all look the same.


The Swimming Pool

That one girl who gets dizzy and almost passes out every time she blows up a single balloon?

That same girl bought a giant blow up pool for the back patio.

Like an idiot.

At least the kids like it.

Even if they're swimming in it while their mother is passed out in the corner.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Carolyn took two weeks of swimming lessons in June.

At the beginning, I thought it might be a waste of money since the only thing she was interested in was telling everyone what to do.

But, she actually progressed - at the end, she could dive (kind of), tread water to the count of 100, hold her breath under water for twenty seconds (that's not really that impressive), and miracle of miracles, swim without her floatie! 

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty darn proud.