Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ruby Valley 2015 - Part II

Ruby Valley 2015

I couple of weeks ago, we got to go home.

Because no matter where in the world you live, there is no other home.

Let me tell you, flying with two mobile kids by yourself is not the most fun I've ever had.

I bought tickets for bedtime and nap time, thinking they'd sleep.


Instead, they were just super cranky, which was awesome.

The best thing was that I was able to see all of my siblings and all of their kids - that's the first time that's happened in years.

I did a horrible job of taking pictures - most of the ones I took of the kids are blurry.  Why do they have to move around so much?!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

On Saturday, there was a fitness expo at my gym.

The kind where they give you fun stuff just for showing up.

And the kind where if you go to the classes, you get tickets for a drawing.


You know that I enter every, single drawing on the face of the planet and never, NEVER have I won a single, pot-licking' thing.

But up for grabs in this drawing was a beautiful mint green beach cruiser bike.

Also known as a Mamma Chotty bike - the Japanese sisters on my mission all rode Mamma Chotty bikes and on clear, flat ground, those babies can fly.

In fact, I almost talked my companion out of her pink Mamma Chotty one time by promising her that I'd buy her an ice cream every day for the duration of our companionship if only she'd let me have it!


I went to the expo and participated in four of the classes and told everyone that I was going to win.  Because I'm so freaking lucky.

On Monday evening, I got the call, which naturally, I was pretty sure was a prank.

But, when I showed up to pick up the bike, there it was in all of it's glory, wrapped with balloons and ready for me.

It. Is. Beautiful.

PS When I rode the bike home through my neighborhood, absolutely no one was out to cheer me on.  I expected a parade.

PPS  You know the one bad thing about winning a bike?  You actually have to have a place to put the bike.  Right now it's living in the family room.  And it's totally not in the way.  Like even a little bit.


It's no surprise that I've been struggling to lose weight.

I've done all I know how to do and the scale just won't do what I want it to.

On top of that, I feel like every time I turn around, either I'm sick or someone in the house is sick (over the past month, we've had a viral eye infection and strep throat), so I'm also a bit stir crazy.

Anyway, I mentioned these things to a couple ladies at the gym but thought nothing of it.

Then, two weeks ago, I walked in a bunch of them were sitting there waiting for me with a gift.

I thought it might be a t-shirt - because we love a t-shirt up in here.

But it wasn't.  It was a freaking FitBit (it's the Charge HR kind - it tracks steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, and flights of stair climbed)!

I have never in my life been so surprised, thrilled, or grateful.

Monday, June 01, 2015

The End of Pre-K

Carolyn finished up her last day of preschool.

She loved her school, her teacher, and her new friends.

And, she never missed a single day - even gave me a lecture about how important it was for her to be there one day when I asked if she wanted to stay home with me.

Her teacher, a 30-year Kindergarten teaching veteran was amazing.

It's been fun to watch her learn and grow and be so excited about everything.

Here she is - her last day vs. her first day:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Because I'm Chubby

Here's the deal:

Seven weeks ago, I decided it was time to make some changes.

Because I feel horrible.  And I'm ALWAYS tired.  The fact that my clothes don't fit was just a side-thought.

So, I started doing the Body for Life program.

Not because I want to get all muscled up.  Because it sounded like something I could do.

Basically, it's six small meals a day - lean proteins, complex carbs, lots of vegetables.

At the same time, I decided it was time to give up my addiction to sugar - so, no sugar (Dr. Pepper, I miss you sooooooo much), no white flour.  And "clean" eating - for those of you who don't actually know what people mean when they say that (I didn't), it means you stop eating processed foods.  Everything is fresh (or at least as much as you can do).

Exercise-wise, I added another day of weight training and switched up a few of my cardio activities (adding in running and spin instead of just Zumba all the time).

Everyone I know who's been doing these things is dropping weight - like faster than they can count.  Pounds and pounds and pounds in a month.

Now, weight-wise, I could really care less what the scale says.  If I feel good, the number is irrelevant.  However, to feel better than I was feeling, some of the weight obviously had to come off.

Anyway, fast-forward seven weeks and here I am.  I have been stalwart.  Nazi even.

1,500-1,600 calories (quality calories, too) in per day, 2,500-2,800 per day out.  That's a minimum of a 1,000 calorie deficit.

A minimum of one gallon of water per day.

And how awesome have been my results?

Almost nonexistent.

I've lost a grand total of three pounds (of course, I gained five when I first started, so maybe that counts as 8??)

My measurements have not changed even a little bit.

According to the calorie count, I should be losing two pounds per week.  Or at least 1.5.  I should be feeling fit and fabulous.

I don't feel any different - still tired.

So, all of you wise ones out there, WHAT GIVES??

I've given this two months of my life.  I need to see some sort of result or I might as well go back to my Dr Peppers.  And cheese.  And as much bread as I can stuff in my mouth.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

18 Months

This little one just made 18 months:

Of course, this is where I record his stats.  Because he has no baby book.  I always feel guilty when other people say they're working on their kids' books and I'm all like, "You mean you've done it for more than one kid?!"

(Carolyn doesn't have one either.)

Height:  33.75 inches
Weight:  28.75 pounds

Special skills:

*We have finally finished our nursing journey.  I know I've said it before, but I never, never thought I'd be one of those women who nursed beyond a year.  In fact, in the beginning, I didn't think I'd ever make it to a year.  But, he's still such a baby and it wasn't inconvenient to me in any way, so we just kept on doing it.

* His least favorite thing in the world is to be manhandled by his sister.  Unfortunately, it happens almost all day, every day.

* This boy has a temper.  When you tell him no, he either flops to the floor and cries like his heart is broken or heads to the corner where he wrings his hands and squeals.

* His next least favorite thing to do is have his diaper changed.  It's a full out fight every, single time.  

* He will start church nursery on Sunday.  He's been having some separation issues at school, so hopefully it will go smoothly.  Either way, it'll be nice to not have to follow him up and down the halls.

* His favorite all-time game is "get sister".  He thinks it's beyond outstanding if he gets to poke her belly.

* We've been working on body parts, but the only one he has securely is his penis.  Thanks a lot, Husband.  Now, no matter which body part I ask for, he points to his crotch and yells, "THERE!"  In the past few days, he's also figured out he has a belly button.

* About the only thing he says that I understand is, "There you go!"  He says it every time he hands anyone anything.

* He is finally starting to spend a little time with his daddy.  Praise the Lord.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easter/Blue Bonnet Photos!

Because it's not Easter without blue bonnet photos.  I am Texan now, you know.  Or rather, I've lived here for almost a decade and I still want to call them bluebells.  Or it is the other way around -they're blue bells and I call them blue bonnets?  See, I don't even know.

I missed the blue bonnets/bells in our area, so at the last minute, I forced Husband to drive all the way to Brenham.  That's a mere 2.5 hour drive for approximately 20 minutes of photo taking.  Maybe even less because about five minutes after we got there, my camera battery died.  Winner.

Even worse was that we arrived there just in time for nap time.  As such, both kids were in amazing moods.  It was a big, fat failure.  This is all we came up with.  Husband and I weren't planning to be in any of the pictures, but a friend who was also there offered to take our picture.  Had I known, I might have brushed my hair.  Or done something to help myself.  Also, with eyes like mine, you can't tell me I'm not at least half Asian.  No, they're not closed in any of the pictures, that's just what I look like.

Obligatory Jamberry Photos!