Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

On Saturday, there was a fitness expo at my gym.

The kind where they give you fun stuff just for showing up.

And the kind where if you go to the classes, you get tickets for a drawing.


You know that I enter every, single drawing on the face of the planet and never, NEVER have I won a single, pot-licking' thing.

But up for grabs in this drawing was a beautiful mint green beach cruiser bike.

Also known as a Mamma Chotty bike - the Japanese sisters on my mission all rode Mamma Chotty bikes and on clear, flat ground, those babies can fly.

In fact, I almost talked my companion out of her pink Mamma Chotty one time by promising her that I'd buy her an ice cream every day for the duration of our companionship if only she'd let me have it!


I went to the expo and participated in four of the classes and told everyone that I was going to win.  Because I'm so freaking lucky.

On Monday evening, I got the call, which naturally, I was pretty sure was a prank.

But, when I showed up to pick up the bike, there it was in all of it's glory, wrapped with balloons and ready for me.

It. Is. Beautiful.

PS When I rode the bike home through my neighborhood, absolutely no one was out to cheer me on.  I expected a parade.

PPS  You know the one bad thing about winning a bike?  You actually have to have a place to put the bike.  Right now it's living in the family room.  And it's totally not in the way.  Like even a little bit.

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