Saturday, December 27, 2014

Obigatory Jamberry Post

I continue to sell Jamberry - but even more than selling it, I wear it.

And hoard it.

Because I now have a problem.

At least once a week, I thumb through my wrap collection like a miser and plan what I'm going to wear next.  And I hope that no one calls that TLC hoarding show on me.

It's sad.

And more than a little pathetic.

In fact, I'm such a Jamberry geek, I bought myself a pull-over Jamberry jumper and then took a selfie of myself wearing it.  And selfies of every, single mani/pedi I've done.

(For the record, I still hate the words "selfie", "mani", and "pedi".)

But hey, it makes me happy.

And, I do always look fabulous.

I've even branched out and tried some of the lacquers, which I swore I'd never do because who wants to go back to that crap when they wraps are so fabulous?!

PS  If you are looking for the fastest drying, longest lasting lacquer you've ever tried, this stuff is for you - one coat and you're done.  I even timed it once and by in just longer than 4 minutes, it was completely dry.  For real.

Here's a sampling:

Shameless plug:  if you want to order, let me know!  They are still having the B3G1 one sale, they just released Valentine's, St. Patty's Day, and Easter wraps.  Here's my website:

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