Sunday, October 19, 2014


Happy thirty-fifth.

We're old.  Or rather, I'm old.  I wonder if you're still 18.  Probably.

We'll be watching Dumb and Dumber tonight and I might make a pie.  Your niece thinks the pie is a great idea.  Of course, she doesn't quite understand that it's your birthday and not hers.  She's already invited one friend over and told them it will be a Frozen themed party.

All I know is that since you've gone, time has marched on.  And yes, it's marched across my face.  I saw myself in the mirror a couple of days ago and thought, "Oh, my word, I'm MOM!"  My lines are in the exact same places hers are - it's more than a little disturbing.

I miss you.  Still.

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