Thursday, October 23, 2014

11 Months

*Tater is standing and walking.  Well, kind of walking.  The most he's taken is ten steps at a time.  But, if he falls, you'd better bet he's not getting back up.  He takes one try at it and then takes another try about three hours later.  If he'd just stand back up and try again right away, he would have been walking days ago.

*This kid is in love with food.  Like so in love that if anyone has anything that can even remotely be considered food, he stands in front of them and grunts loudly until he gets a bite...or fourteen bites.  It doesn't matter if he's just eaten.

* He doesn't have very many toys and he doesn't really need them since he spends most of the day playing with empty baby food bottles.  He pushes them all over the house.

*I think he's talking.  I swear to you that he says bye bye, thank you, mama, daddy, and pee pie.  I know, it's probably just wishful thinking, but I pretend it's not.

*  He continues to love his sister.  She can maul him and carry him around by the neck and he thinks it's hilarious.  At least until he can't breathe.

* He's done very, very well at the little two-day program he's been going to while I work.  He doesn't seem to mind that I leave and has even started taking a nap there.

* He is a laugher and a smiler and I think I'm entitled to have one since Carolyn didn't laugh or smile until she was about fifteen months old.

* He is still holding steady at 8 teeth.

* He still does not like to snuggle.  Ever.  I'm going to keep having children until I have one that does.

*He has finally started sleeping through the night about three times a week.  It's totally random, but at least that's something.

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