Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Months

*Tater made 10 months.  I've been trying for over a week to get a picture of him standing up - because he does that now - and he's just not having it.

*Tater is now a HUGE fan of food.  Such a big fan, in fact, that when you run out of food, no matter what it is, he screams bloody murder and throws himself on the floor.  It's awesome.

*  He's got a little temper on him anyway.  He doesn't like to have things taken away from him.  Period.

*He STILL doesn't sleep through the night.  I'm having to avoid anyone who has kids who actually sleep through the night because I want to choke them.

*  He's figured out the stairs.  And he wants to be on them constantly.  He can get all the way up in about 3 seconds.

*I keep thinking he'll start walking soon, but then he's still so unsteady on his feet, I think it'll be a couple of months yet.

*He lurves his sister.  Any time she's on the floor, he crawls over, sits by her, and pulls her hair while giggling like a fiend.

*  I've been trying to transition him to a sippy cup (gave up completely on the bottle), but literally the only thing he will drink out of it is apple juice.  I'd give it to him all day every day except I'm scared it'll rot his teeth out.

*He has somehow stopped growing - for the first six months, I could barely keep him in clothes.  Since then, he's been in the same size (9-12 months).  I think he's getting taller, but he's thinning out a little.

*  He is holding steady with 8 teeth.  Every time he's grouchy, I force his mouth open just sure he will have molars.

*I fish things-he's-not-supposed-to-have out of this mouth about 40 times every day.  I really do try to keep the floor picked up, but he still manages to find things.  I blame his sister.

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