Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Photo Shoot That Wasn't

I've been wanting to take some photos of both of my kids when they're dressed in their Sunday best and it just never happens.  And even if it does, one of them is in a bad mood or won't smile or it's raining.

I'm still working on a 4-year-old photo shoot for Carolyn.  The 8 month one of Tate was kind of a disaster.  But I did get a few that turned out.  And I look at them and can't believe he is getting so big so fast.  You would think after the first kid got so big so fast, the second one wouldn't surprise you.

But they do.  Shock you, even.  It's like they're just born and you turn around and they're crawling all over the place and they think they should climb the stairs when naturally, they shouldn't.

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Mom'sLove said...

he is stunning.. pure boy and love.