Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Months


*  He is working on his eighth tooth.  STILL.  I'm over it.

*  He is pulling up on everything.  EVERYTHING.  I'm going to have to start wearing protective gear on my sensitive bits.  Pulling up means falling a lot.  And crying a lot.  A LOT.  Because he can't be where he wants to be right when he wants to be there and then when he does get there, his sister takes away whatever he was after in the first place.

*  He still can't crawl to save his life.  Not that he wants to.  Who wants to crawl when you can stand?

*  He is still up in the night.  I've been trying to let him cry-it-out.  It's caused more problems than it's fixed.  Because his crying wakes up his sister, who in turn comes into our room screaming.  Then Husband lets her in the bed.  Then I can't sleep.  Then I make her go get her blanket and sleep on the floor.  And then she wakes up with Husband in the morning and then won't take a nap in the afternoon and is generally disagreeable.

*  He loves his sister and thinks she's hilarious.

* He is still refusing solid foods.  And I'm still trying to trick him into eating them.  It's torture for both of us.

*He's still nursing about six times daily and shows no sign of slowing.  I'm going to be nursing him until he's ten.

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