Saturday, August 02, 2014

Four Years Old

I've been trying to talk Carolyn into letting me take birthday pictures for three weeks. 


Mostly because I flat out lied to her and said that we were going to take family pictures, but we should take her singles first because she's the prettiest out of all of us.

She totally fell for it.

It's also the first time since she mullified herself that she's let me put ANYTHING in her hair.

Unfortunately, I still couldn't talk her into looking at the camera or doing anything other than her fake smile, but I think I got a few on the fly when she thought I wasn't paying attention.

I am so unbelievably tricksy.

And, if there was any doubt she is my kid, check out that tongue in the first twirling picture...everyone knows you have to stick your tongue out if you're attempting something difficult.

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