Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4 Years Old


Carolyn turned 4 yesterday.  And of means that she doesn't want to get her picture taken at all and when she does, she gives that fake 4-year-old smile. 

She's super fired up about being four since that means she can now go to school.  She's been asking to go to school for two years.  She's also excited to be the same age as all of the rest of her friends.  There's only one other girl in her class at church who's younger than her and she could barely stand to be three while all the rest of them got to hold up four fingers.

She was assigned to give the prayer in sharing time at Primary last Sunday.  I've never seen anyone more excited to pray in my life.  The primary presidency wanted to know if she needed help and my response was, "We'll see, but I doubt it."

She continues to be fearless and confident in pretty much everything she does.  This, for the most part, makes her think she's in charge pretty much all the time and she loathes having to follow instructions. 

She's learning more and more words and makes me laugh pretty much every day. 

She still refuses to wear clothing beyond her undies if we are at home and has become a little more vocal about what she will wear when we leave the house.  But, anything that "makes her look like Elsa" is generally tolerated.

She has just recently learned right from left and due to that, is finally putting her shoes on the right feet 70% of the time.

She is tolerating her brother and naturally, thinks she should be in charge of him and everything he does or touches.  About 900 times everyday, I hear, "TATE!  No, no!"

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