Sunday, June 15, 2014

More on Beauty

As you know, I'm on a quest.

To make myself beautiful.

Because having no natural beauty of my own, I really gotta try to help myself (ten billion bonus points to anyone who can name the root of that quote).


Hair.  Check. Sometimes check, I mean.

Eyelashes.  Check.

Sunburn cure.  Check.

On to one of two remaining things.


If I do have one claim to beauty, it is my fingernails.  They grow fast.  And they're super strong (which isn't really a bonus when you have to cut them).  They're not necessarily the prettiest or the best shaped.  And let's be honest, I have no idea how to file them on my own.

And believe me, I've tried everything.

I have bottles and bottle of nail polish.

Within the past year, I've tried pretty much every "at home shellac" pin on Pinterest.

When I worked at the spa and got 50% off, I used to get my nails shellaced all the time.  But, when I had to start paying full price, that ended real quick.

This one works, in case you want to know.

But it takes forever to to dry.  FOREVER.  And with little kids, that just doesn't work.

So, I was thrilled to find Jamberry.

Apparently, I'm the last person on earth to know about these.  Not that that's anything new.

They are nail wraps. 

That's fancy talk for stickers.  That stay on your nails for a long time.  And don't peel off.

They're supposed to last two weeks (and at $15 for a sheet, that's about $5/manicure.  Or, if you order three sheets, you get one free, so that's $12/sheet and $4/manicure).

They have a whole bunch of patterns and designs - like so many that I haven't made it to the end yet. 

Here's how you apply them.

I didn't buy the little heater dealie.  I just used my blow dryer and it worked just fine.  Oh, and also, I didn't actually apply them like I was supposed to (you really do need to push back those cuticles) and it turned out just fine.

Here's how it looked:

Day 1 (I also did Carolyn's nails):

Day 7:

Day 10:

Day 16:

I think I totally could have left them on for a few more days and they'd have still looked fine, but I wanted to try another nail wrap...because I'm kind of excited about these.

The very best part of all of this is that taking them off was soooooo easy.  A two minute soak in nail polish remover and peel them off and BAM!  Done.  And, no damage to your natural nails (shellac isn't supposed to damage nails either, but it made mine really weak and thin and crappy)!

I'm fired up about these.  If you want to order, I just happen to be hosting an online (Facebook) party for one of my friends who sells them (the link is above).

PS  This is not a paid advertisement (but wouldn't it be hilarious if a beauty company actually paid me to advertise for them?  It'd be like George Michael advertising testosterone).  I just really, really like these nail wraps!  And even more, I like sharing things I love with people around me.

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Emily said...

You owe me "ten billion bonus points"...Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.

You should give me even more points though. Why? Because I actually have a VHS copy of said movie. :)