Wednesday, April 09, 2014

On to the Eyelashes

Ok, so now that my hair is under control (and I use that term loosely, because some days, it's totally not...), I thought I'd turn my attention to my next beauty issue.

I have a lot of beauty issues.  In case you didn't know.

I have crummy eyelashes.

Like, I mean, really crummy eyelashes.

They are short and stubby and they are also super thin.

I've tried every mascara on the face of the planet.

That might be an exaggeration.

But only just barely.

Seriously.  I've spent hundreds of dollars on the stuff over the past 15ish years.

My main problem is not the application or how I look once it's applied - almost all mascara pretty much looks the same on me.

No.  The problem is that mascara flakes off of my lashes almost as fast as I put it on.  I constantly have raccoon eyes and flakes of mascara down my cheeks.

Roughly two hours after application, my mascara is all but gone, my eyes are puffy from constantly wiping the bottom lid to rid it of the black.

Then, a friend told me about this mascara.

I didn't want to try it because it is kind of pricey.

This mascara has a two step process - a gel and "natural fibers".

The gel is basically beeswax and collagen (and since it's unlikely that I'll ever put collagen under my skin, I should at least put some on my eyelashes, right?!) and the natural fibers are from green tea leaves.

Here's how it looks (first is me without any mascara, the second is me with regular mascara, and the last is me in the Younique):

I wore it all day yesterday and there was ZERO flakage.  Flakage is a word, right?

It looked the same from putting it on at 9am to taking it off at 10pm.

The good news is that although it stayed on all day, it took 1.2 seconds for it to come off with my regular facial cleanser.

This stuff is fo real.

PS  The pictures above were all taken within about 3 minutes of each other in the exact same place (selfies of eyes are hard).  Does anyone else think it's funny that without mascara, my eyes look more green and with, they look more blue? 

Up next?  Eyebrows.  And maybe a shaver for my beard.

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