Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just Like That...

And just like that, 10 days are gone.

Here's what I've done:

1.  Fed a baby.
2.  Done 16 loads of laundry.
3.  Fed a baby.
4.  Done seven loads of dishes.
5.  Fed a baby.
6.  Vacuumed eight times.
7.  Fed a baby.
8.  Watched Downton Abbey.
9.  Fed a baby.
10.  Watched Downton Abbey.
11.  Fed a baby.
12.  Lost patience with Carolyn.  Nine hundred and forty one times.
13.  Fed a baby.
14.  Felt guilty for losing patience with Carolyn nine hundred and forty one times.
15.  Fed a baby.
16.  Watched Downton Abbey.
17.  Fed a baby.
18.  Been late to every, single event I was supposed to be at.
19.  Fed a baby.
20.  Slept approximately three hours a night.

I'm sensing a theme here...


Teagan said...

16 loads of laundry?! How is that even possible? I live in a one person world where laundry is a weekly, 2 load event.

Erin said...

Yeah...I long for the days of once a week laundry doing. As it is, I usually do at least one load every day. And then, even more when Carolyn pukes all over every, single blanket she insists on keeping in her bed. She got her father's gag reflex.

grace said...

I love you Erin!!! This post sums up many months of my life with each kid (from pregnancy to after a year)… and since i have 3 kids, add that up… & substitute (some other TV series on Netflix for Downton Abbey and that sums it up)…and 3 kids and 7+ years later… 7+ years are gone! oh and laundry laundry laundry… esp with H still having multiple changes of clothing a day (tho she's not spitting up anymore or having blowouts) she's a girl & likes to change outfits.