Monday, January 06, 2014

From My Phone

My camera is still acting up, so here's what's going on with us according to my phone:

Carolyn thought it was a good idea to wear this net on her head.

Looks like Tate is going to be a puker just like Carolyn was.  I had to climb up in the attic this weekend to retrieve all of our burp rags...and they are not few.  Tate soaks at least one every time he eats (along with my clothes if I don't carefully place a "bib" tucked into my bra) - so that's like six or seven a day.  It's pretty awesome.

Carolyn saw a video on You Tube with octopus, we have octopus hot dogs.  With six legs.

Carolyn paints herself a lot.  When I asked her what she was going here, she said, "Well, I'm painting myself into Spiderman."

And this is Carolyn on her first day of primary.  She's been so excited to be a Sunbeam and has been talking about it for a month.  The even better thing?  I'm her teacher!  That's a good thing, right? 
And more good news?  This group of Sunbeams is sooooooo mellow compared to the last group.  There are also only seven instead of ten, which could make a big difference.  And of those seven, at least three are scared of everyone but their moms, so they don't really talk at all.  Double bonus!


Emily said...

I'm so glad you clarified the hot dog octopuses had six legs!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you clarified the bit about the octopuses. :)

grace said...

glad you have some mellow ones…instead of my son who probably talked your ear off with all the girls from last year who probably also talked your ear off...