Monday, January 20, 2014

From the Phone...

Made up my own Moby wrap out of desperation - Tater had been crying and crying since Christmas Day and nothing I did helped.  But, he lurves being tied up next to long as I'm moving.  Sit down and it's all over.  This is also my very first selfie.  I think selfies are stupid.  And the word "selfie" is even more stupid than the act of taking one.

Carolyn thinks that Tater's tummy time is her window for a little snuggling.  Tater disagrees.  Below is a picture of exactly how much he disagrees.

A friend asked me to make a few crocheted items for her friend's baby girl.  Poor Tater had to be the model even if it is pink.  He was not happy about it at all.  Although, I doubt the color had much to do with his state of unhappiness.

Tater has finally started smiling a little.  He smiles mostly when he's talking to his daddy - not so much with me.  I think it's because I try too hard.  You know, like when you want to pet a cat and the cat knows it so they don't come anywhere near you?  The trick is to act like you don't care.

I also made these little leg warmers for my friend's friend's baby.  That makes sense, right?  Tater had to model them as well.  They're so cute, I almost squealed.  And I very rarely want to squeal at cute things.  That's not really my style.

And, last night, I made my first ever chocolate buttermilk pie.  Next time, I'll add a little more sugar.  And more chocolate.  Because it doesn't really taste like either and I really want it to.  I mostly made it because we've watched The Help a couple of times over the weekend and I laugh and laugh when Two Slice Hilly gets her chocolate pie from Minnie.

Just as a side note, there would be more pictures of Carolyn if she would cooperate.  She doesn't want to be in any pictures until I'm taking a picture of Tate, and then she just wants her hand in it somewhere.  She's constantly sticking her hand right in front of the lens and then demands to see how it turned out.  Well, dude, it's a picture of your hand...

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