Sunday, November 17, 2013

In the Leaves

Bless Carolyn's heart, she's been looking forward to the leaves falling off of the trees for MONTHS.

She's been talking about sweeping them up (because we don't own a rake) so she can jump in them.

This morning, there was a paltry fallen-leaf offering on the ground and me telling her that even if we swept up every, single one of them, the pile wouldn't be big enough to jump in did nothing to dampen her spirits.

Just as a PS, I'm sick.  Like sinus sick.  After 39 weeks of sick-free pregnancy, I get sick.  As if I didn't already feel crappy enough.  It's miserable - can't take any good medicine, sneezing makes me feel like my uterus is literally going to fall out, and I pee my pants pretty much every time I cough/sneeze/blow my nose.  I think I smell like urine.  I curse this stupid Texas weather - 55 degrees earlier in the week and today, 85 with like 900% humidity.

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