Monday, November 18, 2013

Because, Really, Could I Be More Awesome?

If you've been wondering what 39 week pregnant Zumba looks like, here I am to demonstrate it for you.  On the stage.  In front of God and everyone.

Please do not mind the following things:

1.  I forget the choreography at least three times
2.  My sweet facial expressions
3.  My double chin and turkey arms
4.  The fact that I obviously think I look more awesome than I actually do
5.  My "taking it down" so I don't pee my pants
6.  And, you don't see it at the end, but a woman 15 years my senior has to help me off the stage

Oh, and no, I don't have any professional dance training.  Because I know you were wondering.


Mom'sLove said...

I can't believe you are 30 weeks! You don't even look pregnant in the front! I am so impressed! you look fab! i really enjoyed the video!!
You go GIRL!

Mom'sLove said...

oops 39 weeks..

Holli Petersen said...

Erin! That's some SERIOUS skills right there!

Emily said...

THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER! I am pretty sure I would have buuuusted it 2 seconds into that dance! P.S. you look awesome! Right on beat and everything (nothing like me when I Zumba... or any dance.)