Saturday, October 12, 2013

Good Gravy

Good gravy, what a week it's been.

Day seven of a broken foot.

Day seven of her waking up several times throughout the night.

Day seven of so much whining, I've almost put her out on the curb six or seven times.

I feel bad for her.  I want to help her.

But I apparently only have so much sympathy in my body (and no, it's not very much).

She finally started walking on it with some regularity on Thursday - after she figured out that she could take the walking boot off by herself if she so desired.

Only two more weeks.

Unless we give her away before that.


Chamberlin said...

All three of Rebecca's breaks were considered "green stick" fractures. She was miserable until they were completely immobilized. Maybe the walking boot isn't immobilizing enough to reduce the pain. Is there anything else to keep her foot more stationary? Rebecca also had prescriptions for the pain....

Heather said...

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