Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sick Day

Carolyn is sick today.
Or rather, she was sick yesterday and today she just sounds sick but doesn't have the decency to actually act sick.
It's the kind of sick where everyone around you thinks, "Man, that kid sounds sick!  Why on earth would her mother bring her out in public?!" but where when you have to stay at home all day in a tiny space, your child drives you absolutely crazy because all they want to do is get out of the house.
And, since you're stuck in the house with her, you're trying to get things done that you normally don't want to do like clean the carpets and mop the kitchen floor except she thinks she should have a turn at everything so it takes freaking forever.
And she talks non-stop wanting to do this and do that and can we make more lemonade?
That's what I get for having a kid just like myself.
I took her to the doctor yesterday because she was wheezing.  It sounded like that one time when she had pneumonia, so naturally, I freaked out.
And the doctor acted like I was crazy and overly frantic.
She spent the majority of the day watching TV like this (and snuggling up to me, which I really, really liked):
Today, she's telling anyone who will listen (which mainly includes her daddy and myself), "You know I'm just a little sick.  Not a lot of sick."

This has absolutely nothing to do with her being sick, but Tuesday she came to me dressed like this and said, "Look!  I have my gym clothes on!  Now we can go!"

Those marks on her face are mosquito bites.  They've been horrible since Labor Day.

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