Tuesday, June 04, 2013

And This Is Why Some People Don't Want Kids...

Do you ever have those days why you can't remember why you wanted to have children?

Today is one of those.

Not that I don't love my child.  I do.  Like a lot.

But tonight, I came home from work with a giant headache (a very common occurrence these days), threw together a quick dinner, and then sent Carolyn outside in a swimming suit to play in our little pool so I could do the dishes.

Ten minutes later, I didn't hear anything, so I stepped outside to find her buck nekked, squatting on the patio.

Me: Dude, what're you doing?
The Kid: I 'm trying to poop outside just to see if it works.

I made her get up from the squat and run inside to go on the potty. 

I insisted on it.

She then proceeded to have explosive diarrhea all over the bathroom - the wall, the entire toilet, the rug, the undies I made her take in there, and in the end, my legs.

I would have made Husband clean it up, but he's working late.

Of course he's working late.

 Yeah. Massive dry heaves on my part.

I should have just let her poop outside.

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Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I want one of those all tile Japanese bathrooms with a drain in the middle of the room when my delusions of grandeur become a reality. Just unhook the showerhead hose thing and spray it all down while wearing an N95 respirator mask. One can dream....