Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 15 Update

1.  It's not actually week 15, it's like 14.75, but still, I'm going to go ahead and round up.

2.  I went to the doctor today except the doctor wasn't actually there, so I just saw the nurse.  Best. Idea. Ever.  Peed in a cup (which I'm still horrible at...I mean, you'd think that with all the peeing in a cup I've done, I'd be super proficient at it), got weighed and blood pressured (note in chart:  chubby, pregnant patient lost weight, but since she's already chubby, we're not worrying about it), and The Kid Part Deux got heart rated.  It was difficult to get a fix on the heart rate as this kid, much like it's older sister, apparently doesn't like to be touched.  It was zooming happily from side to side of my roomy uterus.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes.

3.  The intestinal discomfort continues to be my biggest complaint.  Followed closely by continued headaches.  And lack of sleep caused by above complaints (because really, intestinal discomfort can only happen at 3 am, right?)

4.  I continue to try to go to the gym daily, but FOR THE LOVE, it might be the hardest thing I've ever done.  I'm still doing both Zumba and circuit training, but my gut is getting awfully heavy for some of the exercises.  Yesterday, it was mountain climbers on the Bosu ball.  I think Satan invented the Bosu.

5.  Everyone around me seems super invested in naming this kid.  As I've told them seventeen times, I pretty much sold naming rights to the next kid when I named Carolyn after my sister and my mother.  When I mention this, people bristle and tell me that I should just cry until I get what I want or trick Husband into naming it what I want to name it.  Isn't that dishonest?  Plus, I still have not one boy's name that I'm truly in love with other than Eugene and I'm sorry, but I won't have people calling my kid "Genie the Weenie".

6.  I've also started wearing maternity clothes just because I can.  According to everyone else, maternity clothes are the devil, but I'm not going to lie, I love them.  Because then I can just let it all hang out.  Don't get me wrong, I still fit into my other clothes just fine, I just feel like I'm freakin' huge.  And bloated.

7.  Carolyn is still convinced that the baby is actually in her belly and not mine.  She insists that it's a girl and that we will call it Maryann.

8.  Current cravings include tomatoes - tomato juice, tomatoes in salsa, grape tomatoes.  Red meat.  Milk straight out of the jug (yeah, not out of a cup because that would be weird).  Cereal.  Olive Garden salad dressing.

9.  I get all of those updates from Baby Center every week - the ones that I treated like The Bible with my last pregnancy.  Now, every time I read one, I just laugh and laugh at how stupid first-time parents are.  And how we all think that EVERYTHING those updates say apply to us.  And how we have to have everything on that stupid "Are You Ready" check list.  Seriously.  Diapers, a car seat, and a few onesies and BAM.  You're set.

10.  The heat outside is just killing me.   I can hardly leave the house without getting an instant headache.


Anonymous said...

hmmm....I seem to remember a post you wrote about amnesia and one about begging the Lord to make you fertile again.....Hell-ooooooo!

Vicki in UT said...

When I was consistently having intestinal distress at 3 am every night (and not pregnant) it turned out I was lactose intolerant. And I had been trying to up my dairy intake for my health. Go figure. I used to get a tummy ache immediately after drinking a glass of milk, then at 2-3 am I was in the bathroom wishing I could vomit. Now, Lactaid is my friend. Worth ruling out, anyway.

Emily said...

I was bloated for the entire first half of pregnancy, and it made me hateful...for many reasons. No me gusta the bloat. And I also think that maternity clothes are awwwwesome. I still haven't given them up completely!

BexxT said...

Goodness I hate maternity clothes. Here are the many reasons: 1- I am too cheap to buy many of them so I wear the same horrible tshirts everyday. 2- I can't keep the pants up. Seriously, I've tried $10 jeans and $200 jeans. The damn things WON'T STAY UP. I spend 5 months yanking my pants up because I can't wear a belt and then 6 months Post partum trying to lose enough weight to wear my real jeans. 3- The clothes just don't fit me. NOTHING is long enough on my 5'9" frame unpregnant. Pregnant? HA! I have to layer everything AND wear a belly band to keep the under tank from shifting around and exposing my ass crack (because remember the pants won't stay up and the nylon belly cover thing is kind of see through) to the world. I am so hot I am pretty sure I am going to melt into a puddle. In the winter.

Also, don't give up on the exercise. I ran into my third trimester with Finn and it made me feel like a human instead of a crazy pregnant psycho. Also, it just gets harder- you get a reprieve of sorts in the second trimester, but BAM- it comes all around you during your third. I had to stop running at 30 weeks.