Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winnie Wars 2013

Today I completed my first mud run.

I mean, if you could call it a run.

Mostly I just slogged along through the mud and water that smelled like the swamp and tried not to think about any kind of poisonous/deadly snakes that might reside in said water.

The good news is that we were the very last team in our wave, so I'm pretty sure all dangerous things had been scared by the thunderings of some semi-large objects nearby.

The bad news is that all of the really awesome obstacles were at the very end of the race - right when I was so tired, I thought I might just sit down and be done with the whole thing.

That, plus we caught up with a lesbian love couple...a member of my team had convinced me to let her draw our team name along with a sweet barbed wire tattoo on my arm with a sharpie.  One of the girls was all like, "Hey, you've got a sweet barbed wire tat!"

And then she pulled up her sleeve to reveal an actual barbed wire tat.

And I was all like, "Whoa..."

More good news:  lots of photos are available, so you can pretend you were there...minus the smell.

An extra special thanks to Husband who drove us out there, took pictures, and then stood around for two hours, trying to keep Carolyn out of the mud (it didn't work) while waiting for us to finish.

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Mom'sLove said...

I'm in LOVE! I love this post! You rock! Thank you for sharing.. You remind of a girl I follow, BrittanyHerself dot com. Check her out. And now I'm off to see if I can sign up for a mud run. You inspire me.. You go girl!! Amanda