Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Stuff

1.  It drives me absolutely crazy that my blog is all wonky if you open it in Internet Explorer.  The only way it looks normal is in Google Chrome.  I don't like Google Chrome.

2.  We took our tax papers over to H&R Block today.  Good grief, but it's expensive to get your taxes done there.  Thankfully, our return was enough to cover the damage.

3.  A conversation with Carolyn:

Me:  Hey, you have a little rash on your bum.  Let's put some cream on it, ok?
Carolyn:  Sour cream?
Me:  No, dude, not sour cream.
Carolyn:  Sour cream is not a good choice?
Me:  No, it's not.
Carolyn:  Well, what about whipped cream?

4.  I think our mailman is stealing our packages.  I swear that one in three things I order never shows up.  And speaking of that, what happens to lost packages?  Like they've got to put them somewhere, right?  Is there any way I could get access to that place?  Because I bet there are some pretty great things in those lost packages.

5.  I took my first yoga class yesterday.  I liked it despite the fact that there was no way I could move the way I was supposed to.  Also, the mats the gym had for us smelled really bad. So much for all of those deep, cleansing breaths I was supposed to be taking. Does anyone clean those things?  Anyway, today my shoulders and lower abs are sore.  And I didn't have to do a single crunch or push up.  And that equals awesome.


Emily Tree said...

4. I had a package slip show up 6 weeks after the package was at the post office. They only hold them for 10 days from the time the package showed up and then return it to the sender. If you never got a package, contact the person you purchased from and demand an explanation or money back or extra stuff for the frustration.

5. Go get your own mat. Or carry a thing of Febreeze and Lysol so you can spray yours down. Smell=bacteria=flesh-eating ickiness.

2. Why didn't you file yourselves online and save your money? It's easy! I do mine every year in all 1040 forms to see which one gives me the largest refund.

What about whipped cream? It think if you have to put cream on your bum you should get a treat.

1. Your blog looks fine in Safari. :-)

Sarah said...

Ahhh!!! Don't go to H&R Block ever again! They are expensive, and while I'm sure they have some great preparers, they also have a bunch that aren't! The IRS has a program where you can have your taxes prepared for free if you make less that $51,000. I volunteered with the VITA program for five years and amended MANY HRB returns.

And I second what Emily says about doing your own... There are lots of places online that will let you file your 1040 for free! The programs walk you through the whole process. And if you're really not comfortable doing it yourself, call around to some small CPA firms and find out what they charge for a standard return. The firm I work for charges less than $200 for the federal, state, and city return as long as there aren't any curveballs.

Erin said...

That's the problem with ours - lots of curve balls. Hopefully next year, it'll be a lot easier and I'll see about doing it on my own. We are pretty pleased with the lady at H&R - she seems to know her stuff, explains well, and for the past two years has gotten us a bigger return than we've had in years. It just costs more than I want to pay.