Monday, December 17, 2012


1.  Good news!  We haven't had any poop smeared on the floor or walls in like five days.  A girl from church let me borrow her rug steamer, so even the smell is gone.  It's like magic.  Unless you've had poo on your carpet, you'd never understand how exciting a rug steamer can be.  This by no means means we're further along in our potty training.  Carolyn will go when she wants a snack but otherwise, I'm cleaning up mess after mess all day long.  Sigh.

2.  I've pulled a muscle in my low back.  With all the jumping, spinning, and twisting I do in Zumba, you'd think that my muscles would be fine.  But no.  I jacked it up helping the next-door-neighbor kid pull his teeny, tiny bike out of a bush.  I mean, it's fine as long as I hold completely still.  When I move I feel like my spine might explode out of my back.

3.  Carolyn is super excited for Santa to come.  She tells everyone she sees that Santa is coming to her house in two weeks minutes.  Because every, single amount of time for her ends with minutes.  She also says her birthday is July 21st minutes.

4.  I found out a couple of weeks ago that the client who I was supposed to be able to go back to seeing December 19th actually won't be available until at least the second week of January due to further paperwork screw ups.  So, another month making half-pay.  Awesome.

5.  You know what really works when you get sores in your mouth (because this is my body's new, super fun way of revealing stress)?  Swishing with hydrogen peroxide.  And it doesn't even taste bad!

6.  Husband made his very first successful batch of yeast rolls last night.  He's pretty proud of himself.

7.  We went to a super fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Saturday.  There was a cookie exchange, white elephant gift exchange, and food.  And that's pretty much all a party really needs.

8.  I'm in dire need of a hairdo intervention.  I'm still in the process of growing out The Worst Haircut Ever and I have no idea what to do with it in the meantime. 

9.  I also need some new exercise clothes.  All of my exercise shirts have stiff, white armpits.  GRODY.

10.  Is it a rule that everyone who works at Sally's Beauty Supply has to be a freak?


NeiseyG. said...

Oh Erin, I love you dude! Thanks for always making me laugh.

BexxT said...

You should post pics of the hair... Not so we can ogle the "worst haircut ever" but so I can offer advice. :) And yes, all employees there are freaks. It is totally a prereq