Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Reminds Me of Something...

Carolyn is obsessed with boots.


Any time we go anywhere there are boots present, she has to at least try them on.

I've been searching for a cheap pair for her when magically, some showed up in our car trunk.

But these aren't just any boots.

They're white boots.  With a feather poof.  And a little bling.

Naturally, Carolyn insists on wearing them as much as possible.

Without any other clothing.

This is what it looks like:

I took one look at her and thought, "She reminds me of someone."
This, perhaps:

photo via
All she needs is a guitar and a hat and BAM! 
And this has nothing to do with anything, but yesterday we made beingets for the first time.  They got a little brown, but since it's my first try, I'm going to pretend that they didn't.

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Becky said...

LOL@ the naked cowboy! That is hilarious. Carolyn pulls off the white boots and diaper look very well! So next time you make some beignets, by all means, let me help you eat them! :)