Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Street

Do you have friends that you seem to have known forever?

The kind of friends who you don't see for years at a time, but then fall back in with immediately when you see them?

Thanet is one of those friends.

Thanet and I met in Japan.

We decided long ago that had we met in America, we might have been neighbors in the same apartment building who would have said hi in passing and maybe even thought each other looked nice and cool, but would have never made the leap to friendship.

However, I could not be more thankful for the circumstances that brought us together because Thanet might just be the most compassionate person I've ever met.

She also happens to be sweet, beautiful, and smart.

There are so few of us out there...

Yesterday Carolyn and I had the chance to meet up with Thanet and her little family.

It was so easy.  I mean, easy like I didn't feel a bit of anxiety over the fact that we've not seen each other in two years - two years in which I've changed quite a bit.

It also didn't hurt anything that it's her family's annual "Fry Day Friday" where they fry pretty much anything they can find.  You know how much I love fried food.

It made me miss the days of road trips and sleeping in the back of our sweet Subaru station wagons.

Love you, Thanet!

(Carolyn was looking for an escape route...and I was holding on for dear life while also trying to look good.  Totally worked, didn't it?  And look at Thanet's boy...he sits still and smiles for the camera.  For the love...)

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Anonymous said...

The Kid looks SO not enthused. I love it! There are so few smart, beautiful and kind women out there. We are a rare breed. Looking good Erin.