Friday, October 05, 2012


The highlights of yesterday:

1.  We went to the park where we witnessed the very best display of speed mowing I've ever seen.  Who even knew lawn mowers could go that fast?

2.  One of the lawn crew approached me about moving our picnic blanket so they could mow under it and addressed me as "M'Lady".

3.  Carolyn fed some of her french fries to the local squirrel.  Watching squirrels eat is hysterical.

4.  There was a one-legged bird that was being chased by several four-year-old boys, one of whom as screaming, "Surround him!  He's only got one leg!  We can catch him!"  Good thing for the bird, it's wings worked just fine.

5.  Craft night - wherein I didn't make a single craft.  But I thought about it.  Really hard.

6.  Husband waiting up for me when I came home from craft night so I could share all the gossip.  Except there wasn't any.  I'm pretty sure he was disappointed in my production.

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