Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Gru's Doing

A conversation with Carolyn while watching Despicable Me for the 945th time in the last month:

Carolyn:  When's Gru's birthday?
Me:  I don't know when Gru's birthday is.
Carolyn:  Gru's birthday....two weeks.
Me:  His birthday is in two weeks?
Carolyn:  Yeah.  We have a party.
Me:  Ok, we can have a party with cupcakes.
Carolyn:  And fire?
Me:  Yes, and fire on the candles.
Carolyn:  Gru went to the store yesterday.
Me:  He did?  What did he buy?
Carolyn:  Bacon.  And cheese.

In other news, Carolyn tried to cut her hair this morning while I was in the shower.  As luck would have it, she chose the dullest scissors in the house and therefore, didn't get anything accomplished.

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