Thursday, October 04, 2012

Creepy McCreep-o

CAUTION:  This post contains words not fit for kids, grandmas, or anyone who is grossed out by severe....grossness.

In my vast experience and research as a massage therapist I've found that one out of every five men who comes in for a massage is a certified creep.

In this day and age, you wouldn't think so many creeps would exist so openly - I mean, it's going to end up on Twitter.  Or Facebook.  Or....this blog.

A friend of mine offered a massage for a charity fundraiser for a gentleman who was recently in an accident and is now quadriplegic.

When she talked to the man who bought the massage about setting up a time, it turned out her schedule and his schedule would never mesh. 

She asked me to do it.

I told her I would.


Sign number one the dude is a creeper:  he asked me twice if we had to use sheets as he is "extremely hot natured".

Um.  Yeah. 

We have to use sheets. 

I don't care if you have a body like Arnold in his hey day (he didn't), we have to use sheets.

During the course of the massage, he kept trying to pull the sheets up higher than they needed to be.

Then, he started in on the....noises.

You know the ones - the ones that make you cringe and think, "Good grief, will you please STOP?!  This is a massage, not an orgy."

And then...oh, and then... the moving on the table - adjusting hips (and apparently other things) back and forth.

There was definite...gyration.


Stopitstopitstopit!  STOP.  IT.

I tried to keep him on his belly for as much of the massage as I could because I didn't know what he'd try when I flipped him over.

I was counting down the seconds.


I didn't make it the full 60 minutes.

At 50 I had to cut bait and make a run for it because I'd had enough.

I should have quit much, much earlier.

When he came out of the room, he basically cornered me despite the fact that there were three other people in the room and said, "Ugh, please tell me you're local and you're able to do another massage because that was the best massage I've ever had.  I mean, I was so relaxed, I didn't want to roll over because I mean, I was fully erect and I didn't want to embarrass you."


Do we have about it? 

And do we have to use the word...erect (grossest word ever)?


Please go away!

Bad news is, he already has my phone number from when I called to set the massage up.

Here's the real question:  Who on earth buys a massage at a church charity auction and (nasty) services?

That's like 49 steps up in creepiness.


Les Browns said...

UGH! I don't know how you massage therapists deal with that kind of stuff! Sometimes when I see our clients go back to the room I think, "I wouldn't be caught dead alone with that man fully clothed, much less disrobed and having to touch him". The girls have let me come back and see "evidences" of how much some of the guys appreciated the massage (those guys tend to end up on the do-not-schedule list), and it makes my spine crawl just to see it in my head. GROSS! I'm impressed you lasted 50 minutes.

Clarissa Grover said...

This post is making me dry heave.

Shelby Bingham said...

So. Disgusting. Pretty much everything the guy said to you was inappropriate under any circumstances. Sorry you had to go through that. I think I am feeling violated for you.