Thursday, September 13, 2012

This and That

1.  I have this recurring dream wherein I go an entire day without having to clean up even one GIANT mess.  Then I wake up and realize that my dream will never come true.  Today while I was in the shower, Carolyn found makeup I didn't even know I owned and spread it all over the bathroom floor, walls, vanity, and on her face, hair and ears.  Then she screamed bloody murder when I tried to get her to help me clean it up.

2.  I saw this video on Ellen yesterday (Brittany Spears was on and good grief, but the lady is missing an entire personality).  It cracks me up.  I just love Asian pop stars! I vote someone makes up a dance for Zumba.

3.  I've started back with weight training in the form of a Group Power class.  I did it a couple of times back in May but ended up with continuously aching knees, so I didn't continue.  I feel like since I weigh at least 80 pounds more than any of the other girls in class, they should indulge me when, after every, single track, I have to throw my hands in the air and yell, "I DID IT!"  I've gotta celebrate my victories when I can, man.  Especially since I was so sore after Tuesday's class, I could barely get out of bed.

4.  Someone at the gym asked me about my "fitness journey" today and I found myself explaining with, "well, I just had a baby..."  All I could think was, "How long can I really get away with saying that I "just" had a baby?"  I mean, I feel like she was just born, but in all reality, I know at least five people who had babies around the same time I had Carolyn and they've already had ANOTHER baby. Plus, Carolyn is old enough now that I can't refer to her age in months.

5.  I bought a Scentsy warmer from a girl at church and then bought some MUCH cheaper scents at Walmart and HEB.  I'm in love with the vanilla bean and oatmeal cookie ones.  Although at the very beginning when they start to melt they are so strong, it feels like someone is shoving the scent down your throat.

6.  I was able to give a friend a massage last night - I always forget how much I love doing relaxation massages in a dark, quiet room.  Another one of my dreams is to have a massage room in my house that I never have to take down.

7.  Doctor appointment today to figure out where my hormone levels are and to decide what the next step will be in this process.  I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm going to hurl.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Clorox commercials where the little kids announce that they went potty? One the kid announces that he went poo poo and when the mom checks there's nothing in the toilet so she asks, "Where?" Proud, angelic child points to the bathtub. The other one the kid carries the potty down the hallway, spilling the contents the whole way.

For some reason, I think of you when I see these commercials.

Clorox (circle R): For life's bleachable moments.