Monday, September 17, 2012

Dress #3

This is dress #3 from patterns I bought here.

I did have to make several alterations to the pattern to make up for things I didn't like.

The belt and flower came straight from my little brain (no close ups of either because they wouldn't hold up under close scrutiny.  The sewing is pretty bad.)

Here's Carolyn (unhappily) modeling the finished product:

In the future, the flower will be better anchored to the belt...I had to bribe Carolyn with fruit snacks to get it pinned on at all (it's also supposed to be off-center, but half the time it wasn't because good grief, my kid NEVER holds still).  The flower was my first project with my brand new glue gun!

1 comment:

oblivious said...

I like it! Congratulations! Next time make one with a belt-thing half as wide as this one just to see what it looks like. It might make the flower stand out more.