Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love to See the Temple

We went to the Houston Temple today. 
I was shooting another wedding.
The groom was a cousin to the last wedding I shot.
I mean, he is the cousin of the last bride I shot.
Not that I shot the bride.
Never mind.
This is what the temple looked like to me today:


As I was waiting for the bride and groom to emerge, one of the wedding guests actually told me to move to the right, that I was in their photo frame.
Um, ass-cuse me?
I'm the freakin' event photographer, buster.
I'm pretty sure they had a nicer, more tricked out camera than I do, which is probably why they thought they could boss me around.
There really is nothing more embarrassing than being "the photographer" when there are at least four other people present who have superior equipment. 
The first thing I'm buying when I win the lottery is the newest, best camera on the market.
And then I'm going to buy a sign that says, "I'm being paid to be here so outta my way, sucka!"

It was so humid out that by the time we were done, I had sweat running down the front of my legs. 

That's when you know you're a champion sweater.

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Emily said...

Nice...sweat down the front of your legs?! I thought I was the only one. Champion sweaters also sweat from their ankles. ;-)