Monday, September 10, 2012

For The Birds

Potty training is for the birds, dude.

Carolyn was showing all of "the signs" of being interested in potty training.

So, I took her down to Walmart to pick out some undies.

She's in love with the undies.

She wants to wear them all the time - usually five or six pairs at a time.

She wants to sit on the toilet seventeen times every ten minutes.

You know, except for when she actually has to go to the bathroom.

In two days, here's the score:

- one accident on the stairs
- one accident on the bathroom floor
- one accident on the kitchen floor
- one accident on my lap
- one round of explosive diarrhea all over the carpet
- one accident while squatting smack dab over my only pair of exercise shoes.

Pretty much the only place she hasn't peed is in the toilet.

I guess the good news is that after she peed in my shoe, she went ahead and left some pennies in there as well.

And that's almost the same thing as leaving a quarter on the back of the toilet.


The Livingstones said...

Maybe you oughta go back to the diaper for awhile. Finding the right reward makes all the difference. Mom said you wouldn't do it until she put a potty in the middle of the floor and you could go and show off to everyone simultaneously.

The Livingstones said...

Also, right at the beginning you should have her sit on the potty every 20 minutes or half hour whether she wants to or not. Set a timer. You should plan on doing nothing else for like 2 weeks. It might not take that long (fingers crossed). She might not know yet when she needs to go or how much time she has to get to the potty. If you give her lots to drink and then take her to the potty frequently, she's bound to succeed at some point.