Sunday, August 19, 2012

I've Over Tweezed

Thoughts from church:

In the meeting for ladies, someone was talking about how Mormons receive mission calls.  She said that after they receive your paperwork, whomever is responsible for issuing the call (which I've always thought was the president of the church, but since I'm not 100% sure, I'm not going to throw that out there) looks at your submitted picture and paperwork and knows instantly where you should be sent.

All of this lead me to think the following things:

1.  I'm pretty sure the reason I was sent to Japan was because in the picture I submitted, I had greatly over-tweezed my eyebrows, for which I refuse to take responsibility because I'd only just started tweezing my eyebrows when I graduated from college and was still in the phase where I had no idea what I was doing.

2.  Japanese men over-tweeze their eyebrows.

3.  Therefore, I looked like a Japanese man.

4.  Also, as a side note, one time after one of my sweet Japanese aerobic classes, several women asked me if I am half Japanese because apparently my eyes kind of look Japanese.

5.  I blame Grandpa Chic for my squinty, Japan-esey eye. 

6.  I think my eyes look more like a ferret than Japanese.

 Did you know that there are over 340 Mormon missions out there that you can be sent to if you choose to serve a mission?

Oh, and for posterity's sake, here are some other things I found while rummaging around in my old room:

1.  An entire drawer full of track medals.  I remember there being a lot more gold medals than there actually were which only means one thing.  I was clearly not as awesome as I remember being.  Also, they handed out medals all the way to 4th place at district and state track meets.  Third place was bronze and fourth place was...bronze-but-totally-a-shade-darker.

2.  A bag full of coins from Zimbabwe.  My 6-year-old nephew asked if he could have one, to which I consented, and then he spent the entire night telling anyone who would listen that he had a coin from Zimbabwe.  When I finally asked him if I could see it, he produced the biggest coin from the bag, which naturally, was actually a token from some casino in Elko.

3.  A pair of fleece socks from my times in Japan.  I bet you didn't know that at one time, I had the world's largest (and finest) collection of fleece socks.  Those socks saved my bacon on those freezing cold Japanese floors.

4.  My very first journal from when I was 8-years-old.  At one point in the journal, I may or may not have listed every, single boy I danced with at the 4-H dance that year.  And I may or may not have gone on and on about how dreamy Cody Krenka is (I had a crush on Cody Krenka from age 6-12).

5.  All of my pins from my high school letterman's jacket. 

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