Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living the Dream

This morning on our walk I said to mom, "If you had unlimited time and unlimited resources, what would you want to do?"

Here's the conversation that ensued:

Well, I'd go to a fat farm and have them serve me nothing but salad with honey mustard dressing and croutons.

I don't think you can have croutons on a fat farm, mom.

Well, I'd have to have them.

And of course, I'll have my cottage with ivy on it.

And a refrigerator with an ice maker.

Really, mom?  That's all you'd do with unlimited money?  Ivy and an ice maker?

Well, I'd have to have a clothesline, too.

And lots of dirt, but not just any dirt, like the Cadillac of dirt.  In raised beds.

All I could think was, wowee, mom, don't go too far over the top there, killer.

I guess the good news is that simple things make her happy.

In other news, as I was giving someone a massage the other night, Carolyn had made her way to the window outside and, with her nose pressed up against the glass was yelling, "Mama!  Leave him alone!"

And, when Jared took Carolyn down to grain the steers he said, "Carolyn, did you know that all of these steers are going to be made into food?"

I said, "Yeah, like hamburgers and stuff."

Carolyn looked up and said, "Can I have a bite?"


Kami D. said...

Random question...the second dress that you made for Carolyn...the one with the grommets. How did you put those things on? Did you buy a tool?

Erin said...

Hey, the package of grommets I bought came with everything I needed - two little special pieces to attach the things. All I had to have was a hammer.

A word to the wise, though: make sure you add either a couple of layers of fabric, one layer of heavier fabric or some interfacing where you're putting the grommets. I put them through two layers of cotton material and it wasn't enough to hold them on - all of them came apart in the first wash. Maybe you already know that, but I totally didn't...and now I'm really mad :)