Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Home...

We've been home in Nevada for nearly a week now.

Carolyn is having the time of her life and all of her wildest dreams are coming true based on the following things:

1.  There is a cat in residence.  She gets up in the cats face and yells, "Hi, KITTY!  HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!  KITTY!" about four hundred times a day.

2.  There is a dog in residence.  See above except where it says "kitty", insert "doggy".

3.  There is a riding lawnmower parked outside the front door.

4.  There is generally a 4-wheeler outside the front door as well.

5.  There is all kinds of heavy machinery at her disposal.

6.  There is a trampoline.

7.  There are cousins in and out of the house at any given time throughout the day.

8.  There is a 12 pack of Pepsi on the garage stairs - and no one has stopped her from grabbing one.

9.  Unlimited suckers when her older cousin is around.

10.  There is a bed and a chair close enough to the edge of the crib that she can crawl out by herself.  That makes being out of bed by 5:30am an option.

Carolyn is currently in town with The Judy. 

I spent a couple of hours raking on the tractor this morning.

It caused me to remember several things:

1.  If the clutch on the tractor goes out, you should remain completely calm while panicking.

2.  If I were a bird, I'd totally be a hawk.  There were two hawks following the rake in search of mice and I think they're the prettiest things ever.  In fact, one day when I get rich, I'm moving to the Middle East and becoming a falconer.  That's a thing, right?  A falconer?  Of course, falcons are much smaller than hawks and not nearly as cool and also, I'm pretty sure that only men can race birds over there.  Even if women were allowed, I'm pretty sure I'd still be banned because I would never loose.

3.  My version of Clay Aiken's This is the Night sounds three times as awesome in a tractor cab.


teri said...

Just one cat? That doesn't sound like Judy.

Becky said...

You better sing Clay Aiken's song to us when you get back! No tractor cab here to sing in here, but I'm sure it would sound just as lovely on the Zumba stage!