Friday, August 03, 2012

What It Is...

1.  Should I worry that Carolyn is making The Elf on the Shelf touch the computer and then spanking him and saying, "No, don't do that!  Are you being naughty, Self?" over and over again?

2.  I used to be the most wondrously efficient packer on the face of the planet.  Like, if there was a prize for packing a good bag, I would be the Madame Universe of Packing a Bag - that's how good.  However, packing for this trip home has just about put me in an early grave.  It can't be that hard, right?  I keep stuffing things in that I've forgotten and the bag is just getting heavier and heavier.  As I'm traveling with Carolyn by myself, I'm trying to keep it to one bag so I can have an empty hand.  However, since I'm flying Southwest, I get two FREE bags per ticket for a total of FOUR bags.  I kind of want to pack four bags just because I can...but then how would I carry any of them?

3.  I'm loving the Olympics.  L-O-V-I-N-G.  The thing about it is that I can't keep my busy body self from looking at all of the results on Yahoo so none of the evening competitions are secret.

4.  Does the fact that Michael Phelps can smack is back with his own hands freak anyone else out?

5.  I totally supported Chick-Fil-A appreciation day on Wednesday.  Not that I consider myself politically tied or anything, but I do agree that since we are American, anyone should be able to say anything they want.

6.  Since Carolyn's birthday almost two weeks ago, she wants to sing Happy Birthday to Herself about ninety-three times every day.  It's pretty funny.

7.  I got my hair cut and died again yesterday.  It's a little darker than I wanted it, but it should lighten up.  And, I was pretty excited that my hair had grown out a little from The Worst Haircut EVER, but this new stylist said that she was going to have to cut even more to fix the damage The Worst Haircut EVER had done. So, now it's shorter than ever.  And get this:  I have bangs.  Like short bangs.  The stylist said I ought to consider a wide set of bangs to cover up my massive forehead.  I had no idea I have a massive forehead.

8.  I got Carolyn a little backpack of her own to carry some of her stuff through the airport.  The backpack is about as tall as she is but she's so thrilled with it, I'm having a hard time getting her to take it off.

9.  Husband is at a major hunting expo today.  That thought just makes me giggle.

10.  Carolyn is practicing all of her persuasive powers so she can use them on her Uncle Jared.  She's decided that she wants a ride on the loader, the 4-wheeler, and a motorcycle.  She keeps saying, "Please, Jared!  Please!  I need a ride."


oblivious said...

Dude!!! Get a cart thing-y, check all four of them, and then both hands free!

Rondi said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have a large forehead too.