Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm a Dreamer

I've always been an extremely vivid dreamer.

Here are some of the things I dreamed last night:

1.  I had to stay in a hotel where the elevator went upside down and sideways.  It made me sick but   the rule in the hotel was that you could only use the stairs if you wanted to go down, not up.

2.  In the hotel, there was a chocolate bar.

3.  There were a whole bunch of my friends who were eating there and no one had invited me.

4.  So, I told all of them off right there in public.

5.  Then, I admitted to all of them that I have a tramp stamp with the words to "The Final Countdown".  I turned around, pulled up my shirt, and started singing it proclaiming loudly, "See!  This fool don't need no words to remember this awesomeness!"

6.  I decided I was tired of looking for bathrooms in every, single public place I went so instead, I was going to start wearing diapers.  In the dream I was all like, "Man, this was the best idea ever!"

7.  I was playing football with some friends wherein I was the quarterback and kept throwing the ball straight up in the air and then couldn't believe it when no one caught the pass.  Then, when someone finally did, I started yelling at the other team, "Yeah, that's right!  Get ya some of that!"

8. I told some random big guy on their team to "look out because I take the big ones down at the knees".

Incidentally, in real life, if Carolyn sees flames painted/printed on anything, she yells, "FIRE!  BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!"  Just thought you should know that.

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oblivious said...

I dreamt last night that I used a naked barack obama as a mattress. I kept telling him no one would ever know while secretly hoping someone would take pictures and ruin his re-election Woke up totally freaked out.