Saturday, June 30, 2012

Conversations With Carolyn

Carolyn and I were in the bathroom the other day fixing her hair when Husband made a big racket in coming home.

Me:  Carolyn, who's that?
Carolyn (whispering):  It's Grandpa Paul.
Me:  I don't think Grandpa Paul would make that much noise.
Carolyn:  Grandpa Paul, shhhhhhh...
Me:  Yeah, he would be quiet.

Carolyn found my sister's wedding invitation and pulled the picture out.

Me:  Carolyn, who's that?
Carolyn:  Nancy!
Me:  And who's the guy?
Carolyn:  It's Jesus!
Me:  No, not Jesus.  It's Tyler.
Carolyn:  No, mama, it's Nancy and Jesus.

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