Monday, July 02, 2012

Mistress Sassy Britches Rides Again

We found two pairs of baby sunglasses in the dollar bin at the mall on Saturday.

This is how Carolyn thinks they're meant to be worn:

It's not such a bad idea because after all, she did get her mother's nose that has absolutely no bridge to it and therefore, glasses of any kind won't stay put.

Not that it matters.

Carolyn is constantly putting them on and pulling them off.

I fully expect them to be broken by the end of the week. 

(In order to get her to wear them long enough to take these pictures, I had to bribe her with two rounds of Ring Around the Rosy...payable after the pictures were taken.)

 And after a round of Oreo cookies, DJ Jazzy C was apparently feeling funky fresh...

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Rondi said...

I just love that little girl. She is so funny. And I loved her at church calling out Holli, Holland, Kyle...cute, cute