Friday, May 04, 2012

Round Here

This is what's been happening 'round here:

Carolyn absolutely could not wait for me to get the fries out of the Whataburger bag:

This guy stopped in for a visit.  Carolyn kept saying, "Oh, he's a little guy!" (and has continued to say, "Daddy's a little guy" all week long):

Carolyn's been relaxing in the pool with Elmo:

Several weeks ago, we went to McDonald's.  They asked if the happy meal toy was for a boy or a girl.  I told them it was for a girl.  This is what we got:

Carolyn seems to be interested in every part of potty training except for actually going to the bathroom in the toilet.  I'm pretty sure it's all just a ploy to get some toilet paper and take her diaper off (she wants to take everything off).  Every time I go to the bathroom, she runs in and says, "Potty, too?"

Carolyn has also figured out how to climb on the toilet to reach all of the stuff in the medicine cabinet - you know, all the place where I've gradually been putting nearly everything I don't want her to have.

After numerous times of telling her no, she's gotten a couple of spankings.

Right after her last spanking, I heard some more rustling in the bathroom and yelled, "Carolyn, are you being naughty?"

She came running out and said, "No, no, mama, good girl!  Good girl!"

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