Sunday, May 06, 2012

Down to the Meineke...

The Tank has been blowing semi-warm air out of the air conditioner for the past year or so.

I thought it was just because the car is so old and couldn't keep up with the heat/humidity of southeast Texas.

But, I took it over to Meineke yesterday and they re-charged it.

It's almost as good as new.

There's apparently a small leak somewhere in the system.

They put dye in there so that when it stops working, the dye will point out the problem area.

The girl with the longest fingernails I've ever seen explained it all to me.

I took Carolyn with me since she thinks she's being punished if she has to stay in the house for longer than twenty minutes at a time.

While we were waiting, a gentleman there proceeded to pull his shirt up to his nipple line to expose his belly.

What the?

For real, dude?

Well, Carolyn wasted absolutely no time in taking advantage of what she thought was a full-on invitation....

She ran over, sputtering at the guy and very nearly landed her lips for a full zerbet on his protruding stomach.

I grabbed her and apologized profusely.

As I was dragging Carolyn away, she was screaming, "Belly!  Bipples (that's how she says "nipple")!  Be-bo!  Bye bye belly!"

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Becky said...

How wrong would it be for me to like Carolyn more than my own kids?