Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lights Off, Hair Up

1.  The Zumba Instructor was filming for an audition today during the Group Groove class.  That means we had to dance with the lights on.  When she told us that, I very nearly walked out of the room.  Because when it's dark and the strobe lights are going, I don't feel exposed...and I'm pretty sure my belly fat doesn't jiggle excessively when I'm shimmying, either.  Here's hoping we never have to do that again.

2.  After the gym, we walked out to the parking lot where Carolyn decided it was time to make friends with the lawn care gentleman who was pulling all of the wilted pansies out of the flowerbed.  Bless the man's heart, he didn't speak very much English and Carolyn was just going on and on about who-knows-what, pointing to every flower there and shouting, "Red!  Red!  Red flowers!"

3.  I finally went down and signed up for a Sam's Club membership.  Sam's Club is pretty much a ghetto Costco.  You'd think buying in bulk would save you a lot of money, but looking around, there were very few stellar deals.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of disappointed.  And missing Costco.

4.  I unwittingly clicked on the Despicable Me minion's video on You Tube.  In less than forty-five minutes Carolyn watched it twenty-four times.  Then, when it wasn't playing, she was running around the house yelling, "Ba ba ba!  Ba ba ba!"  I guess it's too much to hope that when she wakes up from her nap she'll have forgotten all about it.

5.  I went to the Group Power class again yesterday...I totally wimped out last Thursday because I was still sore.  There was a gay man in class with whom I fell totally in love.  Mostly because after class as I was putting away my weights, he turned to me, snapped his fingers and said, "Girl, you're looking fierce."  Well.  Of course I am.

6.  I'm afraid the girly blues have hit me extra hard this month.  I've spent the last two days feeling extremely hopeless and worthless.  Here's hoping it doesn't last much longer.

7.  Last night I went to the church to learn how to use the dry pack canner.  I'll tell you what, after those classes, I'm always so fired up about whatever I've learned.  I'm even now making special plans to get giant bags of flour and sugar and can my little heart out.  I get a weird satisfaction out of watching my tiny amount of food storage expand.

8.  I went down to the doctor's office again yesterday to get more blood drawn.  He says he's going to check all of my hormones including my progesterone.  I did some research and found that low progesterone can cause every, single one of the symptoms that are bothering me the most.  When I was pregnant with Carolyn, the doctor said my progesterone was so low, it was a wonder I'd even gotten and stayed pregnant.  Please, please, please let this be the answer.  Mostly because I've no other theories and also because low progesterone is something that's a quick fix.

9.  The same man drew my blood - the one whose praises I sang.  Well, today I'm about ready to punch him in the throat.  I've a giant bruise where he took the blood and good grief, is my arm sore.

10.  They've turned the water on at the splash pads across the city.  I've been looking forward to it for nearly two months.  I've taken Carolyn down to the park three times because I was just sure she'd love it.  She doesn't.  Not even a little bit.  She'll sit in water all day long, but when it's splashing in her eyes, she'll have none of it.

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SarahPellerin said...

I have a thought for you--if you're progesterone comes back low, go to Daleo's compounding pharamacy at Calder and 8th. They do the bioidentical hormones that you just rub into your arm. I prefer them over the idea of taking a synthetic hormone. If the blood work doesn't come back low, have Daleo do saliva testing--it is much more sensitive of the hormones and what you're body actually has to use. I've been getting hormones from them for a year this month, and it has made ALL the difference! Good luck!
Sarah, the crazy red head that stalked you in HEB :)