Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Was I Doing?

If my mother had called me on Monday and asked me what I was doing, I would have said, "Well, Mother, naturally I am doing what every good, Mormon girl should.  I'm working on my food storage."

*I've never referred to The Judy as "Mother".

*I rarely use the word "naturally".

*What I was really doing on Monday (beside visiting the everything 50-90% off Easter aisle at Target) was avoiding the folding of laundry and trying to keep Carolyn off of the door of the dishwasher.


Shelby Bingham said...

I'm glad to see that there were some Cadbury Mini Eggs left at Target. And that totally counts as food storage -- 'cause you probably got a year's supply, right? Now just put them in mason jars with oxygen absorbers and you are good to go! :)

Becky said...

Oh Thank Goodness!!! I thought you had gone private. Holy Toledo. Don't SCARE me like that!