Friday, April 20, 2012

Underwear Dialoges

For some reason, Carolyn is enthralled by underwear.

Whenever I get dressed for the gym, she points at my little chub-rub-preventing undershorts and says, "Underwear!  Underwear!"

I'm guessing she learned the word from Dr. Suess ABC book.

Walking into the gym yesterday, there was a lady with her g-string hanging out the back of her shorts (can someone please explain to me why you'd wear a g-string to work out in?)

Carolyn starts pointing and screaming (because her new thing is to scream anything she says), "Mama!  Underwear!   Lady!  Underwear!  Niiiice!"


Porter Family said...

You wear a g-string so that your cheeks can rub against each other, thus creating more friction (aka heat), which in turn causes you to do extra movement picking at your crack, and we all know extra movement = increased caloric burn.

BexxT said...

I can't figure out why people work out in thongs. My sister does. And she isn't like a wussy girl. She was and could still be a legit athlete. She just likes wearing a thong to work out in. Me? Hell no. I will take my low cut ballet leg underwear (which translates into serious rear end coverage). Who wants to spend the whole time 1-pulling a wedgie or 2- risk that kind of chafe.