Friday, April 27, 2012

On a Friday

1.  I really like my new doctor.  He has kind of meaty hands and a nice, firm handshake.  I don't trust anyone who doesn't have a good handshake.

2.  The New Doctor originates from Georgia (the country, not the state).  For some reason, I had it in my head that Georgia is in northern Africa and therefore, The New Doctor would be black.  When he walked into the room, not only was he white, I thought, "Man, most of the white Africans I met looked really English.  He kind of looks....Russian!"  Yeah.  Georgia (the country, not the state) is totally not in Africa and it didn't even dawn on me until I was pulling out of the parking lot.

3.  I'm really happy my tax money goes toward worthwhile things.  Like the uniformed policeman whose apparent job is to guard the three reserved parking spaces down to the Public Health Department.  Well played, Beaumont PD.  Well played.

4.  Today I went down to Academy with the express purpose of buying myself a new sports bra.  I've had my old ones for approximately eight years and they're two sizes too small.  The new one I bought actually has a zipper up the front of it.  That's right.  Zip those girls in. Lock and load. This is serious business.

5.  While there, I decided to try on a couple of shirts.  When I pulled the first one over my head, Carolyn screamed, "IT FITS!" and slapped me a high five.  When I asked her if it looked good she said, "Mama!  Niiiiice!"

6.  I seem to have misplaced the tweezers I always keep in my car.  This is inconvenient because the car is basically the only place I ever pluck my eyebrows anymore.

7.  I continue to be sore from going to Zumba.  Two days ago, as I was limping up to one of my client's houses, the next door neighbor said, "Hey, whatchu limpin' fa?"  When I told him what I was doing he said, "Man!  You knows dat shit done wuk!  Whatchu need is some a dat WD-40!  I heya dat wuk rait naice!"  I'm pretty sure he meant P90X, but he probably can't help it because his mother is the one that has that "medical marijuana" prescription.

8.  You know you've got too many flies in your house when as you're leaving your kid yells, "Bye bye, blanket!  Bye bye sippy!  Bye bye flies!"

9.  I ate our one and only tomato on Tuesday.  We might have had some more by now, but about two weeks ago, Carolyn took it upon herself to pick every, single one of them and smash them on the cement when I wasn't looking.  Looks like the garden this year might be a bust - there aren't even any new blossoms on the tomato plants, the basil has never recovered from that rain storm, and the green peppers are still alive, but for some reason, haven't grown even a centimeter since I planted them.

10.  I never should have told Husband that I got up in front of the Zumba class to dance.  Now he thinks I should do the Zumba moves for him at home.  While practicing in the bathroom mirror this morning, I saw that when I shimmy, everything, including my arm fat shakes.  Soooooo not attractive.

11.  Carolyn and I spent some time at PetCo this morning.  We got to pet a rat, a guinea pig, a ferret, and one of the parrots.  The employee offered to pull out the baby ball python.  I tried to be so brave so I wouldn't pass my phobia of snakes on to Carolyn but I don't think I was very successful.  I's skeered of snakes.  As we were petting the ferret, another employee came around and told us that she has seven ferrets at home.  SEVEN.  That's one more than six.  Good grief, but where would you even put seven ferrets?

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Becky said...

Pure Gold. And maybe the pepper needs some magnesium. They seem to really like and need lots of it. I've heard you can dissolve Epsom salts and spray it on, but I'd do some research before taking it second hand via the internet twice because I don't know how salt would equal magnesium. Golly, but that seems like some bad game of telephone...