Monday, April 30, 2012

A Conversation With Carolyn

When Husband leaves the house, Carolyn, for some unknown reason, always thinks he's going somewhere to have fun without her.

And she hates to be left out of a good idea where she might have inherited that from...

A couple of weeks ago, Husband went on a temple trip with the youth from church.

Here's the conversation Carolyn and I had when he left:

Carolyn:  Daddy?  Where he go?
Me:  He went bye bye.
Carolyn:  Shannon?  Kyle?
Me:  No, he didn't go to Shannon and Kyle's house, he went to the temple.
Carolyn:  Temple?
Me:  Yup.
Carolyn:  Temple?  Daddy?  Jesus' house?
Me:  Yes.  He went to Jesus' house.

Just as a PS, Carolyn's newest thing is hot air balloons.  We watch videos of them on You Tube.  She calls them "fire balloons".  It's so cute I don't correct her.

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Marshall and Shannon said...

Because our house ROCKS with awesomeness. ;)