Thursday, April 26, 2012


1.  We're totally insured again.  Husband's job offers pretty decent, affordable healthcare options.  Imagine that.

2.  And, since we're insured, I decided to make myself a doctor's appointment to check on my aching knees and constant (basically since Carolyn was born) fatigue.

3.  I find doctor's offices to be highly entertaining places.  Because there are very rarely normal people there.  Today, there was a man who was pretty upset that he hadn't been taken back yet and was cursing his head off, making sure everyone knew it.

4.  There was also another lady there who was blasting The Beach Boys for all to hear on her iPad.

5.  I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was high.  It's always high when I go to the doctor because I'm scared to death to get on the scale.

6.  And now I know why I'm scared of the scale - I had estimated what I thought I weighed and did so quite generously.  Or so I'd thought.  I weighed a good ten pounds more than my highest estimate. Yuck.

7.  The Doctor spent about fifteen minutes explaining to me the inner workings of the knee in quite technical terms.  I wanted to cut him off and say, "Just tell me what I can do to make it stop hurting, man."

8.    I'm wondering if I should be worried that the elevator in the building where my doctor is is padded.  Like one of those crazy-people rooms on the movies.  I figured that as long as no one in the elevator was actually wearing a straight jacket, I was totally safe.

9.  I had some blood drawn to check my thyroid, my sugars, and electrolytes.  The phlebotomist was a fussy little man wearing shoes like Forrest Gump's.  But, he was good at his job and got my vein smack dab on the first try.  I could have kissed him.

10.  I hope I was more friendly when I worked at The Doctor's Office than most of the girls in those other offices are.


Rondi said...

Which doctor are you seeing?

Erin said...

Dr. Rondanaia. I like him.