Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweeping Beauty

Carolyn picks the funniest things to be excited about.

This is what she chose this morning (and yes, this is her excited face):

She then demanded that we sweep the kitchen floor four times.

Good grief, but I'm pretty sure I haven't swept that much in the last two years combined.

Following the sweeping extravaganza, we head out to the park for a couple of hours wherein she face planted right in the middle of the wood chips they just put down.  

She didn't even cry, just got back up and kept running.

However, she did get some of the wood chips in her mouth which, for her, seemed to be a tasty treat.

When we got home, we shared a personal pan pizza for lunch.  

And by "share", I mean she mutilated every, single piece by taking off all the toppings and smashing the crust up against her shirt.

This is her telling me "no no!" when I told her to stop:

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